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Ever considered moving to Portugal or  getting your own vacation spot? Maybe you just want to speculate and get some ROI on Portuguese real estate.

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Some of us have made insane gains in crypto, going from almost no money to generational wealth, however, few of us hold on to those gains and translate it into hard assets.

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Buying a house in Portugal?

Portugal offers a hassle-free property buying experience to foreigners. There are no special restrictions or extra paperwork. You simply need to acquire a portuguese VAT identification number (NIF).


We are real estate Engineers

We know the coast from Cascais to Lisbon like the palm of our hands. We offer our skilled brokerage conducting home appraisals and detailed repair cost estimates, to adept navigation through the complexities of zoning approvals and building permits. With extensive understanding of municipal laws we ensure that you are always compliant, safeguarding your investment from potential legal issues. We will also handle financial aspects, scrutinizing the details to secure the best possible deal for you.

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Why pick us over anyone else?

Portuguese real estate agents are not required to possess a degree or knowledge in finances, credits, home appraisal, or marketing. It can become difficult to find an agent who truly represents your best interests and is not just chasing a commission. This is where we come in. As real estate engineers, we have the necessary qualities to identify investment opportunities that transform your money into solid, tangible assets, whether for flipping, renting, or residing.

What about Cascais, Oeiras, or Lisbon?

When people think of Portugal, they often think of Lisbon or the Algarve. But to be frank, the truly idyllic places to live and speculate in are Cascais or Oeiras. These towns, spanning 143.28 km2 together, are a mere 20 to 40 minutes away from Lisbon. They offer beautiful beaches, an excellent safety record, the highest education population per capita in Portugal, an abundance of natural park trails, and a plethora of activities all year round.


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Give us a call. Our agents are eager to show you why Portugal is the place to be and invest in. We can introduce you to properties that make great investments. Purchasing a fixer-upper, renovating it, then renting or reselling, is a common practice among our European investors.